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Hair Salon

Hair Salon | Ruth Burton Hair Designer - Orlando, FL

I'm Ruth Burton Hair Designer and my hair salon is the premiere hair studio in the Orlando area. Located in a private suite with lavish decor and a sensational view...

Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist | Ruth Burton Hair Designer - Orlando, FL

When you need a hair stylist you can trust, know that I, Ruth Burton Hair Designer, have over thirty five years of experience as a stylist and hair designer. I have styled...

Brazilian Blowouts

Brazilian Blowouts | Ruth Burton Hair Designer - Orlando, FL

Is your hair out of control with frizz, falling victim to the humid weather? Do you crave a sleek, healthy sheen to your hair? Come see me, Ruth Burton Hair Designer...


Hair design is all about people.
Each client has individual tastes.
A good hair designer does not impose his or her signature look.

As a hair designer with over three decades of experience, I believe each client is an individual person and that is exactly how I will treat you. There is no one size fits all answer so I work to meet the needs of every client, doing what is best for your unique needs. Over the years, I have perfected my services and have become a state, national, and international champion stylist and makeup artist. You will get the same great looks and treatment as the stars, so why go anywhere else?

In my hair salon, I only use the highest quality color systems. I offer from natural to traditional hair color that are very effective and keep the integrity of your hair intact. This process is a permanent hair color with long lasting, beautiful results. It comes in many colors and tones which I will customize for you so there will be one to complement everyone’s skin and match everyone's personal style.

Expert Advice, Gentle Treatments
If you have a color in mind that is great, if not, I can help you choose a color to best complement your skin tone. You have many options when getting your hair styled and I will take the time with you at the beginning of each styling visit to help you decide on those styles and colors that will bring your hair and your look to the next level. Craving Curls? I offer only the best curl systems.

If you are looking for gentle and effective hair treatments to have your hair looking beautiful in the Orlando area, remember the name: Ruth Burton Hair Designer. As a professional hair stylist with over thirty five years of experience, I will recommend what is right for your hair while giving you a gorgeous look for any occasion. Choose the finest hair salon in the area and give me a call today!