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I am Ruth Burton Hair Designer and I have dedicated thirty five years of my life to becoming an expert in my field. My technical skills are considered advanced when it comes to makeup artistry, hair cutting, and coloring. My knowledge is vast because I am always learning and keeping up with the latest trends. I am capable of designing an image to fit your lifestyle, body shape, skin tone, face shape and hair type. Aiming to serve all ages, I am well versed in all hair types from children to adults.

As a member of the National Education Committee, Hair America, I was part of developing and educating other styles on the latest trends in the beauty industry. I trained extensively and privately with international hair designer, William Deridder, as well as with Ann Bray, who was just named 2014 International Hair Designer of the Year. As an educator, I have traveled nationally and trained designers as well as celebrities. I remain a state, national, international and European gold medalist, who has also judged both state and national competitions for hair and makeup.

Throughout my career, I have styled everyone from news anchors, sports celebrities, and political figures. Runway and fashion models have also been clients as well as models featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine. For the hottest trends and products in the Orlando area, choose my renowned services!