Brazilian Blowouts

Brazilian Blowouts

Brazilian Blowouts | Ruth Burton Hair Designer - Orlando, FL

Is your hair out of control with frizz, falling victim to the humid weather? Do you crave a sleek, healthy sheen to your hair? Come see me, Ruth Burton Hair Designer, as I offer Brazilian Blowouts that leave your hair looking straight, smooth and frizz free for longer than you would expect, even on naturally curly hair! During the blowouts, protective layers of proteins are added to the hair shaft to smooth out the cuticle. No harsh chemicals or damage results from these Brazilian Blowouts, which is what makes them incredibly gentle.

The Brazilian hair straightening process takes only ninety minutes so you don’t have to worry about sitting in a hot chair for hours. Plus, the results last up to twelve weeks! My salon and design studio also carries Acai aftercare products that are designed specifically to help ensure the Brazilian Blowouts last as long as possible.

Safe and Restorative for Color-Treated Hair
You are still able to receive these treatments if your hair has been colored and/or highlighted. In fact, the blowouts will improve the health of your hair while enhancing its natural subtle tone variations, giving it depth and vibrance. It will also add shine giving your color a more radiant and glossy look.

Once you start receiving blowouts, it is important to keep them up every few months if you wish to retain your sleek, healthy style. It is a cumulative treatment so the more you do, the longer they will last and the healthier your hair will be. Don't worry, upkeep is easy. After receiving your first treatment, you can wash your hair as you would normally.

What's the secret to such dramatic results? These treatments use amino acids with a combination of a super nutrient complex and proprietary polymer system. This combination binds to the hair shaft making it smooth and repairing any damage. For the best Brazilian Blowout in the Orlando area, make an appointment with my hair design studio today!